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  • Digital, Printable PDF of Complete Book
  • 60 Pages (30 Full Illustrations + 30 Spot Illustrations)


A coloring book inspired by my life, my children, and my closest memories. From my imagination to yours, each page is a mythically inspired story to be added to, by you! Life is a journey, and so is this book - it was an exploration into not just my artwork but myself. For me, it symbolizes letting go and reconnecting with the boundless imagination of my childhood. My hope is that I can bring my artwork to you all on a more personal level in the form of this coloring book.


Physical Copies Available Here:


Digital Conversion done by Michael Weiler - Portfolio Available Here:

The Stories of Flowers - Digital Edition

  • Zip PDF - 58mb

  • All images and materials included in "The Stories of Flowers" are copyrighted to Jennifer Weiler (Kostuck). Purchase is available for personal collections ONLY. You may NOT use/manipulate/exhibit/resell/reproduce for personal or commercial reasons. Any users found to replicate, reproduce, circulate, distribute, download, manipulate or otherwise use these images without my written consent will be in breach of copyright laws as well as contract laws. If this is found to be the case, legal action will be taken against you.

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